Project Description

W100 fully retrofitted in AF100


fully retrofitted

The AF100 is a 7 axis CNC Gear Hobbing Machine. It is equipped with the Leste 12 CNC control. The AF100 can cut straight, helical, tapered or convex teeth on gears, shafts and pinions, either by the generating or indexing method of hobbing. The cutter and the workpiece are driven by motor spindles (direct drive) and can be synchronized electronically at rotation speeds of up to 16,000 rpm. The linear axes have direct measurement scales for position feedback, guaranteeing a resolution of 0.5 μm. Positioning of hob shifting are programmable and completely Automatic.

Basic Machine Capacity

  • Max. work diameter 36 mm

  • Max. cutting length 50 mm

  • Max. speed of headstock and tailstock 5’000 min-1

  • Max. module 0.5 -0.8 mm
    (depending on material and number of cuts)

Tool Data

  • Max. hob diameter 24 mm

  • Max. hob width 25 mm

  • Max. cutter angular position +/12° min-1
    (manual axis with encoder)

  • Max. speed of the hob spindle 16’000 min-1



  • CNC

  • HMI

  • Machine base

  • Machine fairing

  • Guide rails

  • Motor spindle B, C and C’

  • Electrical components

  • Satellite roller screws


  • A – Angular positioning of cutting spindle +/-12°
    (manual axis)

  • B – Hob motor spindle 16’000 rpm

  • C – Headstock motor spindle 5’000 rpm

  • C’ – Tailstock motor spindle 5’000 rpm

  • X – Radial feed

  • Y – Shifting tangential feed

  • Z – Headstock axial feed

  • Z’ – Tailstock axial feed


includes with the machine

  • Hydraulic unit

  • Part receiver system with 9 containers, programmable

  • Loader support 3D

  • Part extractor system

  • Workpiece presence control

  • One set of setup tooling

  • One set of specific tooling

  • Services

Iso Affolter Certified Stamp

General Sales and Warranty Terms

  • Payment condition: 40% at order, 40% before shipping, 20% after installation

  • Delivery: 2 months from order confirmation

  • Warranty: 12 months

  • Validity of this offer: First come will be served (only 1 unit)

  • Incoterms: ExWorks


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