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In addition to high-quality and precision products, we offer you decades of experience of customer service. So you benefit not only from the finest production equipment but also from a fantastic all-round service including feasibility studies, tooling configurations, set-up work, productivity calculations, and training courses.

AFFOLTER offers CNC cutting machines with turnkey technology and performance!

AFFOLTER propose ses machines à tailler CNC avec une technologie et une performance clé en mains !

Our customer service team is dedicated to resolving any problems you may encounter while using our products.

A telephone service is available, and an expert will help you
to resolve the problem you are facing:


Tel. : +41 32 491 70 02
Fax. : +41 32 491 70 05
Email :


Tel. +41 32 491 70 03
Fax. +41 32 491 70 05
Email :

Our team of fitters and application technicians offer a fast response
all around the world!


Our basic customer training courses cover how to use the machines and involve a great deal of knowledge transfer (in terms of gear hobbing) across a wide range of applications.

0 days

10 days’ training for quality and precision
production from the word ‘go’

In addition to the standard training when a machine is sold, AFFOLTER also offers training in gear hobbing for operators.
An expert/trainer will be at your side and at your service, helping you produce precision gears from the very day you acquire your machine.



AFFOLTER offers all its customers exclusive access to preferential resources across its 2 product ranges known as GEAR line and the LESTE series.

Instruction manual to ensure optimal use. Update Manager to ensure the machine’s software remains up to date. Documentation and full catalogue of our GEAR line CNC cutting machines. Video, exclusive films of machines, applications, automation, options, set-up…

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